McCall Vineyards

McCall Vineyards
22600 Main Rd, Cutchogue, NY 11935

Founded: 2007

Tasting Room: Yes

Tasting Room Hours: 12:30pm-5:30pm Thursday through Monday, April through November

Group Tastings: Yes

Weddings and Private Events: Yes

Amusement: Cattle ranch – walk through the farm and you may see foxes, pheasant, deer, hawks, turtles, wildflowers and more.

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  1. MYRNA BASILE says:

    If & when you have the next dinner with Tom Schaudel as the chef, please let me know. I am not on Face Book, Instagram, etc. I know there is one tonight @ Amano’s, but I cannot make it. I only found out this morning. I live in Nassau County. I heard him talking about POLENTA and that is why I would of gone tonight. THE BEST POLENTA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE WAS IN A RESTAURANT IN MILLER PLACE. I WENT BACK THERE AFTER ONE YEAR ONLY FOR THE POLENTA, BUT THEY RUINED THE RECIPE. IT WAS NOT THE SAME. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. Thank you and have a nice time tonight. Take care.


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